The Rockwell House Episcopal Campus Ministry is a ministry of the Diocese of Missouri serving the campuses of Washington University and Saint Louis University.

We meet during the school year: 
Sundays at 7:10pm for Worship and dinner (Starting August 28)
Wednesdays at 6:30pm ("The Feast") for prayer, Bible study, and dinner (Starting August 31)

SLU students can also join the "non-Catholic Christian" CLC (small group) through the Campus Ministry Center - be sure to let them know on the request form that you're an Episcopalian. Beth facilitates this group, which includes interested SLU Episcopalians as well as others. We meet on campus Tuesdays at 8:30 pm starting in mid-September.

To contact us, please email us at info@rockwellhouse.org or contact our chaplain, Beth, directly.


The Rev. Beth Scriven   
Rockwell House
7023 Forsyth
Saint Louis, MO 63105  

Beth says:
               I've loved this Episcopal Campus Ministry community since my undergrad days, before Rockwell House was a place, and working at Rockwell House as an intern after college shaped the best of who I am as a priest. Now that I'm back as the chaplain, every day I get to serve in ministry here is a privilege.

Leadership Team
Matt Prest Natalie Spaulding Caroline Spore
Katherine Story

Rockwell House is located at 7023 Forsyth, just across Big Bend from Wash U's Francis Field.  To get directions, please CLICK HERE.

Not just friends to hang out with (though you’ll find that, too), but friends who will challenge you as you challenge them, celebrate your life as you celebrate theirs and who will be companions with you as together we search for purpose and meaning in our lives. Rockwell House is about building soul friendships - friendships that change who we are. Friendships rooted in Christ that last not just four years but a lifetime!

One thing we all have in common is we are trying to figure out what to do with our lives. What are our gifts? Where is God calling us? We search for those answers together as a community of honest conversation and prayer where you can be yourself - sure and celebrating one minute, unsure and scared the next - and it’s OK because we’ve all been there.

We experience God when we dedicate ourselves to each other. Our faith isn’t just something personal… it’s a community worshiping, playing, praying, serving, laughing, studying, crying and living together. It’s not a clique or closed group but one that views each new person as a gift waiting to be unwrapped. That means you. That means everyone.

Rockwell House is our home… and that means it’s your home, too. Rockwell House is a place where you can hang out, study, watch TV, meet with a small group, bake cookies, play badminton in the backyard, or sit by the fireplace. The whole house has wireless internet. The Chaplain’s office is here. And on Sundays and Wednesdays, dinner is here as well. Come on home, meet the community… and don’t be afraid to put your feet on the furniture!

Our faith is not signing off on a strict list of beliefs but about a way of life focused on loving others. For the Rockwell House community, service is building relationships with those from very different circumstances from ours… seeing Christ in them, learning that we are not as different as we might think, and realizing that as we serve, so we are served.

Rockwell House is not a community of tolerance, but of celebration. That means we don’t just “tolerate” people of all colors, genders, sexual orientations, nations, beliefs, shapes, and sizes… We celebrate the many diverse gifts God gives us in each other. We’re not perfect. We struggle with diversity… but when we do, we struggle honestly and openly and celebrate everyone’s presence in the community.

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