Rockwell House e-News

Tonight at the Rockwell House
Tonight during our regular worship together at the Rockwell House we'll figure out what to do when we lose a sheep! 

We'll have Sloppy Joe's for dinner, unless that's not your thing, then we'll have veggie burgers for you to enjoy.  Brownies for dessert, and a beautiful day to boot, so come join us! 

We begin at 7:10pm and eat around 8pm.  If you can't make it to the whole event, please come for as long as you are able.  If you've never prayed with us before, we meet in the chapel behind the Rockwell House to celebrate the Eucharist.  It's casual, open, and relaxing worship.  If you need directions, go here.  Caroline Spore will be picking up as many people as she can fit into her car at the South 40 Clock Tower at 6:55pm. 

If you want a more detailed description of our Sunday night gathering go here!

We usually wrap things up by 9pm, but it's fairly common for people to come late or leave early based on schedule conflicts.  

Bring your friends and stay as long as you wish! 

Retreat with the Lutherans
Sign up tonight for the The ECM/LCM retreat at Camp Manitowa.  It's all set to go for the weekend of October 4-6th.  We have fliers to pass out at tonight's service.  The Lutherans already have 10 students signed up! If you want to volunteer to help with the retreat, let Tyler Darwin know. 
Here is the link to the facebook event:

The Feast
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm we will meet at the Rockwell House for a little small-group cooking and chatting.  We'll cook something together every week (we'll provide the food) and we'll chat about all things God, world, bible, people, etc...This year we are going through the calendar of saints together (this week we'll celebrate the Martyrs of New Guinea, and Bishop Paul Jones). You can check out the calendar of saints here.  We will also publish a menu every week in this email. Join us for The Feast!

Chaplain On-campus Office Hours
Joe will be on campus twice a week for office hours.  This is an open time to just come and hang out, talk, ask questions, shoot the breeze, etc... Here is his schedule:
Tuesdays: 2-4pm @ Bears Den (hopefully in a booth)
Thursdays: 11-1pm @ The DUC.  (upstairs at a table against the wall)
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