Tonight at Rockwell

What's happening at Rockwell!

Interested in going on May Break (May 7th-13th) to Nashville, TN to work with 4 great non-profit organizations and to release the stress from the end of the semester grind? Great! Join us this Wednesday night at 6:30pm during The Feast for an information meeting.  We'll nail down all the details and answer all your questions.  If you can't make the meeting, but are interested, then please contact Joe!

Tonight at Rockwell we'll be in the Chapel! We'll worship, sing, and eat while we continue on our Lenten journey by discussing a few historical events that shape our church...and yes, tonight we hear John 3:16, so we'll break it all down!
We start at 7:10 and wrap around 9pm. We are open and free and we invite you to join us! 
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