Is Summer Really Here!?

Rockwell House has slowed down for school year.  Sunday nights are quiet, weekday traffic is lighter, and the weeds are growing as faster than I can cut them!  We've got some furniture rearranging and some other minor updates, but not real major re-mods happening at the house this summer.  

We do have 2 residents living at the house and the tea kettle is always up for a brew, so stop by if you are in the neighborhood.  

Until the Fall!


Holy Week Schedule

Wednesday: Tenebrae 8:30pm
Thursday: Maundy Thursday: 7pm
Saturday: Easter Vigil @ Cathedral 7pm (meet at Rockwell to Carpool)
Sunday: EASTER! 6:30pm W/ BBQ and Easter Egg Hunt!


Lenten Series: You Made Us in Your Image

This year's Lenten Series titled, "You Made Us in Your Image," will focus on the what it means to be a human made in the image of God.  We'll talk about what makes us different and what makes us the same.  All sessions will be following our main service on Sunday Nights during dinner. 

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North February 26
We’ll watch the documentary Traces of the Trade to gain a greater awareness of the vast extent of complicity in slavery and the transatlantic slave trade and how its impact is still alive.  MEDIA:  Trace of the Trade

Discussion: Traces of the Trade – March 4
We’ll dialogue and respond to Traces of the Trade, the history it uncovers and its many legacies. We will discuss this for...


Calendar- Spring 2012

The Spring 2012 Calendar has been published.  We will continue to add events as they come.  In the mean time, if you would like to add something or suggest an event, please let us know! Go Here: or to the google calendar: click here


ECM Advent Party This Sunday!

This Sunday come celebrate with Episcopal Campus Ministry in style! Because we can't celebrate Christmas together we are bending the rules a bit and celebrating a little early so that we can include everyone before they finish up the semester and head home.
WHAT: ADVENT (our CHRISTMAS) Party...expect great food, ornament making, tree decorating, caroling, and an incredibly festive spirit. If you want to bring a dish (not expected) let me know!
WHEN: Sunday December 4, 6:30pm (our regular time)
WHERE: Rockwell House
WHY: Take a break, celebrate Jesus' coming birth!

GIFT GAME: Bring a gift so that we can play the best gift giving game ever! Here are the rules: You must stay under $10 OR you can re-gift something fun that you no longer want (stay classy people!). ***Best gift giver wins a special prize. If you can't...


October is an exciting month at the Rockwell House.  We are all (mostly) settled in to our fall schedules and we are ready to tackle mid-terms and mid-semester papers that await us.  For your convenience, the Rockwell House is always open and here for you to use! The fire pit will be working, the cider will be warm, and the leaves will be falling like snow in a blizzard (if you can clean gutters let us know!).  To celebrate fall in fashion, on October 16th following our normal Sunday worship service time we will have a bon fire in the backyard and have ‘smores for dessert.  We will also be continuing our Friday night outreach  night on October 21 with St. Paul's Carondelet. 
Also in the month of October, if you...

Weekly Update

Tonight at the Rockwell House, Episcopal Campus Ministry will meet at our regularly scheduled worship time at 6:30pm to break some bread and share a meal.  This evening we will be gathering in the Rockwell House Chapel, which is located in the back of the house, so just come around and join us. 
If you ride a bike to the Rockwell House, go ahead and bring it inside beforehand to keep it safe. 
This will be the first time we worship in this space, so join us as we encounter this new space in worship!
On the menu for this evening:  Baked Macaroni and Cheese, salad, and brownies! 
Friday Service Night
New this week! On Friday evening we will be hosting our first “Friday Service Night,” where we, as a group,...

Upcoming Schedule

Be sure to check out the upcoming schedule here:  We have great opportunities for you to get involved so check out the calendar and come hang out!  All events are located at the Rockwell House: Everyone is invited!

August 26: Open House 2-4pm
September 4: First Sunday Worship Service and BBQ 6:30pm
September 7: "This week in God" 8:30pm
September 9: Blessing of the Backpacks, Pi Pizza, Ted Drewes 6pm
September 23: Outreach Fridays! 6pm
October 7: Bonfire and S'mores 8pm


Heading this Way?

Are you heading to Saint Louis for college this fall?  Great!  We are here for you.  Under grad, grad, med school, law school, etc, The Rockwell House is your campus ministry.  Be sure to let us know that you exist!  Stop by the house (7023 Forsyth) and shoot us an email at  Our open house is on August 26 between 2-4pm and our first Sunday worship is September 4th at 6:30pm.  We will publish our detailed calendar later this week!  In the mean time, check out our new t-shirt design and let me know if you want one!


So Long, Semester. Hello, Summer!

GroupAnother school year has come and gone, and another chapter of the Rockwell House is in the books!  This year has been a fantastic beginning to the process of new ministry here at Rockwell and we are incredibly excited about the next phase of our rebuilding process.  School starts in 109 days, so let's get ready!

This summer we are exploring and experimenting with some of the ways that we use our space at the Rockwell House.  One of the changes will be the conversion of the office upstairs into a social gathering space.  This space will always be available for anyone looking for a place to unwind, lounge, watch T.V., use the computer, etc.  The chaplain's office space will likely then be an open space on the main floor.  The most exciting proposition of all, is...


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