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Welcome to Rockwell House!

Rockwell House is the Episcopal Campus Ministry in St. Louis. At Rockwell House, we seek to grow together in faith and friendship with food and fun. Rockwell House serves as a home away from home for many students in our community, and we hope you will find it to be a home for you too.

While we primarily serve the campuses of Washington University and Saint Louis University, we welcome all area college students (undergraduate or graduate). Our ministry and many members are Episcopalian, but it's not a requirement - if you're interested, you're welcome. Check out our "About" page to learn more, or scroll down for the latest news and events.

This Christmas, let us know:


"Finding my faith"


"Joyful community"

"Connection to my faith"


That's what Rockwell House means to our students - these things, and so much more. It means a home away from home. It means a safe place to take risks in faith. It means a community where we learn compassion, justice, and love. It means a place where we never stop growing.

If Rockwell House means something to you, please make a Christmas gift to support this ministry! Help keep this Episcopal Campus Ministry a place that means the world to...

The Kingdom of Heaven: An emerging community of liberation (A sermon by Alejandro Flores-Brown, Wash U '19)

(Below is the word Alejandro preached on 11/26. If you'd like to read the Scriptures on which he preached, you can find them hereMatthew 25:31-46.)

This week’s Gospel is about what the Kingdom of Heaven will be like. The ideas in this passage are probably familiar to anyone raised in or around Christian tradition, and we’ve all probably heard these themes beaten to death in the past. The people who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven are the “righteous” - those who have gone out...


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