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Campus might be the quietest place in the city this week. After all, it’s reading week. You know, that week when all the students get to read, catch up, cram, prepare, memorize, repeat, all for their final papers, tests, presentations or projects. I love this quiet. It’s solemn and serene and it’s a great way to wait, anticipate, and prepare in the spirit of Advent.

Reading week happens twice a year, but in the fall the quiet of reading week is particularly noticeable. Maybe it’s the cold weather that gives the students permission to bury themselves inside. In the spring, it’s hard to say no to a beautiful sunny day.


Pepper Spray, Protests, Police, and Finals

People all over the world have seen video footage from November 18th, when a group of protesters here at UC Davis were sprayed in the face with pepper spray.  Justified outrage flowed from all corners of the globe and multiple investigations are now underway.  How could this happen?  Why did it happen and who allowed it?  These are questions that the investigations will hopefully help to answer.  Since then, the drumbeat for Chancellor Katehi to resign intensified and now seems to have subsided a little - pending the investigation.  Tents have taken up residence on the quad, as have port-a-potties, heat lamps, and electrical cords.  In many ways, things are suddenly quite different in the UCD campus' world.


ECM Advent Party This Sunday!

This Sunday come celebrate with Episcopal Campus Ministry in style! Because we can't celebrate Christmas together we are bending the rules a bit and celebrating a little early so that we can include everyone before they finish up the semester and head home.
WHAT: ADVENT (our CHRISTMAS) Party...expect great food, ornament making, tree decorating, caroling, and an incredibly festive spirit. If you want to bring a dish (not expected) let me know!
WHEN: Sunday December 4, 6:30pm (our regular time)
WHERE: Rockwell House
WHY: Take a break, celebrate Jesus' coming birth!

GIFT GAME: Bring a gift so that we can play the best gift giving game ever! Here are the rules: You must stay under $10 OR you can re-gift something fun that you no longer want (stay classy people!). ***Best gift giver wins a special prize. If you can't...


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