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Celebrate Advent

Trinity Wall Street in New York City is offering a fantastic interactive Advent calendar . Advent is often overlooked and under appreciated.  It's a beautiful season of preparation and anticipation that gives us an opportunity to be quiet and patient.  Advent is often overshadowed by the craziness of the secular Christmas celebration that begins on "black friday," when we are to dedicate the month to shopping and celebrating, only to end the celebration on Dec. 25. 

Episcopal Campus Ministry at Atlanta's HBCU's

The Campus Ministry

As I sit in my office typing this blog, a group of food service providers from Morehouse College are working with local labor organizers in our large gathering space called the Koinonia Cafe. Across the hall, two men of Morehouse are studying in the computer lab, and next door to my office I can hear the buzz of the copier as two volunteers prepare the leaflets for tomorrow's worship service. It's actually a bit noisy inside of the Center on this blustery winter day, but the rowdiness is the welcomed sound of life and hope.


A Little Bit About Me

I was asked to write a little bit about myself before I continue to contribute to this blog. I decided to just pull 25 tweets from my twitter feed that spans my entire life. Enjoy!


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