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You're lookin' like GOD today!

It’s sometimes frustrating to see and feel the disconnect between Sunday worship and the rest of our lives.  So a couple weeks ago I decided to give our college ministry one simple and specific practice to take home every Sunday with the goal of fostering community and discipleship throughout the week.  Nothing revolutionary.  Just simple practices. But practices that when taken seriously might just transform the way we think about our lives and the way we live them.  The first challenge was to observe a sabbath rest (a difficult undertaking during midterms!)



October is an exciting month at the Rockwell House.  We are all (mostly) settled in to our fall schedules and we are ready to tackle mid-terms and mid-semester papers that await us.  For your convenience, the Rockwell House is always open and here for you to use! The fire pit will be working, the cider will be warm, and the leaves will be falling like snow in a blizzard (if you can clean gutters let us know!).  To celebrate fall in fashion, on October 16th following our normal Sunday worship service time we will have a bon fire in the backyard and have ‘smores for dessert.  We will also be continuing our Friday night outreach  night on October 21 with St. Paul's Carondelet. 
Also in the month of October, if you...

Weekly Update

Tonight at the Rockwell House, Episcopal Campus Ministry will meet at our regularly scheduled worship time at 6:30pm to break some bread and share a meal.  This evening we will be gathering in the Rockwell House Chapel, which is located in the back of the house, so just come around and join us. 
If you ride a bike to the Rockwell House, go ahead and bring it inside beforehand to keep it safe. 
This will be the first time we worship in this space, so join us as we encounter this new space in worship!
On the menu for this evening:  Baked Macaroni and Cheese, salad, and brownies! 
Friday Service Night
New this week! On Friday evening we will be hosting our first “Friday Service Night,” where we, as a group,...


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