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So Long, Semester. Hello, Summer!

GroupAnother school year has come and gone, and another chapter of the Rockwell House is in the books!  This year has been a fantastic beginning to the process of new ministry here at Rockwell and we are incredibly excited about the next phase of our rebuilding process.  School starts in 109 days, so let's get ready!

This summer we are exploring and experimenting with some of the ways that we use our space at the Rockwell House.  One of the changes will be the conversion of the office upstairs into a social gathering space.  This space will always be available for anyone looking for a place to unwind, lounge, watch T.V., use the computer, etc.  The chaplain's office space will likely then be an open space on the main floor.  The most exciting proposition of all, is...

Emptying the Tomb...GET YOUR STUFF!

Contrary to popular assumption, the Rockwell House is not a storage business!  And believe it or not, we are also not your parent's basement!  Yet, we have acted as your convenient college storage unit, "just to hold my stuff for a few days," which turns into weeks, months, years...

Well, kids, it's time to get your stuff or say good bye forever.  A dumpster will be showing up in a week.  Yes, a week.  And it will be filled with everything that does not belong to the Rockwell House.

Please come by and grab what you want (if it's yours) by May 6th.   If you need to come by after hours email or text me and I will give you the code.



An Easter Story- Thistle Farms

NPR does an excellent job covering the story of Thistle Farms.  A story that is impossible to hear without hearing resurrection.  The Rev.  Stevens is the Episcopal Chaplain at Vanderbilt and is the founder of Thistle Farms and Magdalene House.  You can hear the story and read more about this amazing ministry by clicking the link below...


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