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Spring at the Rockwell House

Believe it or not, Palm Sunday is only in 8 days!  While Lent is usually long and tired, this year it seems that Lent has been short and surprisingly bright.  It may be due to the distracting and sometimes moody spring that we've been having in St. Louis.  Beautiful days of bright warm skies followed by 4 inches of snow in late March!  By the way, where did March go?  And how did Lent go by so fast?  It never goes by quickly...
To wrap up our Lenten series "Spiritually Material" (after our Sunday evening worship during dinner), this Sunday we will be reading snippets from “Revolve,” a version of the bible that you may not be familiar with (pictured).  It is written and marketed for teenage girls and it's full of goodies like dating quizzes and questionnaires,...

The New Design

Welcome to the new Rockwellhouse.org!  We hope that you find this website useful and that you find the information that you are looking for.  A lot of thought and planning has gone into making your web experience a good one, so please send us feedback if you think something is broken or if you need help!

A little bit about the new design...

-The colors are a shout out to Wash U's colors
-The layout is really category driven: Newsy things, Calendar stuff, Reflections (by the chaplain and students), and Articles that we find interesting (links to external content)
-The "About" page has a nice throw-back slide show of photos from the last 10 years
-The e-newsletter will be driven from this site and linked back to this site when click from your email client
-The "Find Us" page uses google maps...

This Sunday

We celebrate the 4th Sunday after Epiphany!  We’ll tackle the Sermon on the Mount and wrestle with the idea of being blessed!

We’ll have pizza for dinner and brownies for dessert.



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